holistic music management

At metta movement we are working to consciously evolve the music industry by prioritizing health, empowerment + longevity. We put the focus on the healing capacity of music + make sure the artists we serve have the support they need to live happy, healthy lives.

what we do


The metta movement is comprised of a small team of compassionate individuals founded by Melissa + Christiaan Cokas, a husband + wife living with their 3 children in a geodesic dome homestead in the Connecticut River Valley. We started the metta movement as a way to engage our passions of music, health + authentic connection into a conscious business that brings them all together + creates positive change in the world. We see music as a potent tool for healing, our vision is to fully realize this potential by consciously crafting the business side of music to harmonize with its healing capacity.

Christiaan is an Emmy winning technologist, music lover + highly capable human that gets things done. His impetus to start the metta movement comes from a desire to enable people to enjoy amazing music experiences while feeling fulfilled + nourished along the way. Highly intuitive, innovative + productive, Christiaan is a huge asset to our team.

Melissa is a graphic designer, transformational health coach + former environmental engineer. She values true health + works to help people refine their lifestyle to create vitality in their bodies. Extremely organized + capable, she brings a wealth of varied talents to the table. Her drive in starting the metta movement is her commitment to creating healthy, balanced lives in an industry that by its nature often does the opposite.